Initial Setup

To start, click the New contract button. You will be asked to connect your MetaMask wallet to continue. Please note that the wallet you connect with will be the owner of the smart contract and you will use your wallet to sign in and manage it.

Click to connect your MetaMask wallet, and open the Chrome extension to sign the message.

Click connect on the window that pops up from MetaMask.

Once connected, you will be shown a contract setup window. Let's get some basic information about your contract down.

Enter the initial details when you're ready, then click continue to move forward.

Contract name The contract name is shown on marketplaces. Your contract name should be the same as your collection name Contract Symbol A unique 3-5 character identifier to be shown on marketplaces. Example: NFTS Chain The chain (or 'Blockchain') that you are going to launch your project on. NFT-Inator supports most EVM chains and layer 2's. Wallet This displays the address of the wallet you connected to the site. You can change your connected wallet in the MetaMask extension by choosing a different account and clicking connect.

Click Start setup once you're ready, and move on to the next step.

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