While creating each of the traits in your collection, you may find that some traits do not mix well with others, or wish that certain traits would only be shown when another is present. In these cases, you want to create some rules in the Rules panel of the menu sidebar.

Rules are easy to set up and scale with your collection and traits, and should be used when you need a few attributes to react in a certain way together or with others.

Creating Rules

To create a new rule, click Rules > Add rule and the rules overlay will open.

  1. Select the rule type - see below for explanations

  2. Select the target trait (the trait that the rule applies to)

  3. Select the affected traits (traits that the rule affects)

  4. Click save

To check your rules, you can use the filtering system to ensure that traits are mixing properly.

Let's take a look at the different types of rules we can use.

Always pairs with

Always pairs with ensures that selected traits always appear together, and never separate. It's the opposite of the doesn't mix with rule.

Due to its nature, the always pairs with rule can be used to group multiple traits from different attributes together. For example:

  • Blue hat always pairs with blue jeans

  • Blue hat always pairs with blue shirt

  • Therefore: Blue jeans and blue shirt will always appear together


In our collection, we only want the 'army raygun' accessory to be paired with tokens that have the 'blue medusa' hair trait. We used the 'always pairs with' rule and obtained the following results.

Rule settings

Only mixes with

Our next rule is slightly more specific. The 'only mixes with' rule is for occasions where you want a trait to only mix with certain other traits, but do not wish for them to be paired.

The 'only mixes with' rule is unidirectional, but only works from left to right! For example, just because trait x only mixes with trait y, doesn't mean trait y only mixes with trait x.


We only want the purple horns trait to appear on tokens that have the toga trait. However, we also want the toga trait to appear with other types of headgear.

Doesnโ€™t Mix With

Doesn't mix with is probably the simplest rule we have. Doesnโ€™t mix with prevents a selected trait from ever appearing with the other selected trait. This rule is bidirectional - meaning that it doesn't matter which trait is on the left or right, they will never appear together.


We don't want our Snek army to become too relaxed! Sneks wielding the enchanted sword are not allowed to be wearing a Hawaiian shirt too. We can set this rule up to stop them.

Issues and troubleshooting

If your tokens are failing to generate or you notice rules arenโ€™t behaving, it's probably because there are some conflicts that need fixing. Rules are prioritised in the generator, but due to issues with individual set supplies and frequency across the collection, rules may not appear.

Pairing and Trait Probability

If a trait is paired with another, then the chance of it getting picked is equal to the rarity of either trait being picked. As a result, a trait that has a low rarity % (very rare) may become more common (less rare) if it has been paired with a trait of higher rarity.

Check your rules

Run through each of your rules and try to find any that may be conflicting, such as setting an 'always pairs with' and a 'doesn't mix with' on the same trait combination.

You can also try removing rules one at a time to find which one is causing the generation to fail. You can always re-add it after.

Check trait rarity.

Trait rarity also plays an important role. If your traits are too rare, or you have the overall attribute rarity set less than 100%, itโ€™s possible the generator will never pick your traits.

Getting more help

If youโ€™re still stuck, please head to the DHH Discord and request support in the #nft-tools-help channel

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