Basic Settings

Token Sets

First, choose the token set you would like to export from your list of token sets. Then click Use this token set.

Updating your settings

Here you can see the complete settings list for your project with their current configurations. You can edit the metadata tab to adjust settings for the exporter. Click edit settings to change them

The main collection settings overlay will appear so that you can configure each of these settings.

Blockchain (general tab) The blockchain chain that your collection will launch on

Collection Name The name of your collection/company

Collection Family (Solana Only) A name for the family of your collections (E.g Parent company name)

Symbol A 3-5 digit identifier for your tokens. (E.g SNEK)

Token name Controls the structure of your token names with their token ID

Token Description A brief overview of your tokens, company or plans.

External URL Optional field used by marketplaces to display a link to your website where users can view the token.

After you've entered all of the relevant information, click Use these settings.

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