Pre-existing artwork

When starting NFT-Inator, you can choose to generate your collection from artwork files, or upload existing files. If you choose to generate your collection, you do not need to follow these steps.

Now, you can easily launch a smart contract-only project through NFT-Inator if you have already created your artwork from another generator, or a CLI tool. The next step is to import your artwork and metadata to NFT-Inator, so that we can export the collection to IPFS and prepare the tokens for the smart contract.

To get to the artwork uploader:

  • Select 'Yes, I'm ready to deploy' when you first create a contract

  • Start your project normally and click the export tab.

Import your collection

  1. Click the import button / New upload in the top right. Read the notice, then click sounds good.

  2. You will be greeted with the artwork and metadata uploader

  3. You will now follow the steps in the uploader wizard to upload your files.


Let's upload your artwork. The number of tokens you upload should match the supply that you entered at the start of the project. For example, if the supply is 50. You should upload 50 images, with the file names 1.png - 50.png and so on.

NFT-Inator will stop uploading after the supply has been reached. Naming your tokens with the above-mentioned system will ensure your metadata matches correctly.


The metadata upload is exactly the same as the artwork upload, make sure your files are numbered as 1.json - xxxx.json. NFT-Inator will automatically match up your tokens with metadata.

NFT Preview

Time to check those tokens.

Double-check that each attribute and trait is correct for your tokens, then click the shuffle button in the top right to check another token. Once you are happy that the import is correct, click continue to upload to IPFS.

Connect your IPFS Account

Here you will need to set up an IPFS provider. To do so, click add a new account and follow the setup instructions. Once setup, head back to this screen and click continue on the provider.

For instructions on each provider, please check out the IPFS options section of this guide.

Upload and finish

Your artwork and metadata will now be uploaded to your chosen IPFS provider. Click the I'm finished button when you are done.

Your artwork and metadata are now in a bundle. Bundles are our way of managing exported collections. You're able to have multiple different bundles and manage them inside your project.

Create your smart contract

When you are ready, head to the smart contract deployer step to continue launching your project.

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