Design & save tokens

Welcome, Designer

In this section, you can test the layer combinations of your traits to ensure they stack properly and design custom 1-of-1 pieces manually that are added to your collection.

Prototype UI

Familiarise yourself with the UI by visiting the following section:

pagePrototype UI

Design custom tokens

It's time to create some custom NFTs that can be added to your collection. These tokens will be added to the full collection in the generator at the next step. You can skip this step if you would like to fully randomise the entire collection.

It's common to handpick traits manually for some of the rarer tokens in your collection.

Create a new token Click the plus icon (new) in the designer toolbar to start designing a new token. You can also clone (duplicate) existing tokens and make adjustments. You can switch between the token you are actively editing in the saved tokens section in the bottom right of the interface.

When you have finished adding trait layers, click the star icon to save that token to your saved tokens list (these are your custom tokens added to the generation stage later).

Add layers Traits in their categories are displayed on the left. By clicking one of the thumbnails you can add that layer to the current piece in the middle of the screen. You can use the controls in the upper toolbar to create and save new designs, clone existing ones, and shuffle traits.

Remove layers

To remove a layer, click the corresponding trash icon in the right sidebar, or select another image from the traits selector to replace the current layer with that one.

Save token

Click the star icon when you have finished editing to save the token

Shuffling traits

Sometimes you may want to change some traits and keep others. Even when duplicating and changing layers manually, the process can become tedious. We added a shuffle feature that allows you to select some (or all) layers to randomise.

To shuffle, either clone or use your current token, then click the shuffle icon in the toolbar. Check the boxes for traits you wish to shuffle, then click shuffle.

Finishing up

Now it's time for you to get creative! Design each of the individual tokens you would like to appear in your final collection, and you're ready to head to the next step.

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