Packed with features for every occasion

Design & Generate

Unlimited Generation

Generate tens of thousands of tokens, and edit them. Then generate again.


Shuffle Traits

Quickly create new tokens by randomly shuffling all traits.


Advanced Rules system

Stop certain traits from being paired with others, or ensure some are always together.


Animation support

Upload MP4 or GIF layers to add animated effects to your tokens.


Easy promo videos

Export and share clips of your saved and generated tokens straight to Twitter or Discord.


Seamless flow

Add saved tokens to your collection, then generate it. Your export is then packaged for IPFS and smart contract creation.


Rarity charts

Export rarity charts to share with your holders or build a unique gallery.


Your contract or ours

Export your artwork and metadata to use a contract. Or deploy one of our built-in contracts


Live rarity & rankings

View the live rarity of your traits and see how your tokens rank after generation.

Smart Contracts


Custom smart contract

Create a gas-efficient and purpose-built ERC-721A contract for your project


Mint button

Take your community public with an embed button that works on all no-code website builders.


NEW: Reserve a club

Launch your own mint page for users to purchase your NFTs, view unlockable content, and other utilities.


Built-in IPFS uploads

Connect to Pinata and NFT.Storage to upload your artwork and metadata to IPFS


Dashboard analytics

Get detailed metrics about who mints and owns your collection and recommendations on how to scale better.


Own everything

From your IPFS files, artwork, and contract, your project is totally decentralised.


Allowlists with MintParty

Our partner MintParty provides their allowlist tool. Create advanced requirements, including Like+RT, tagging, joining Discord + more

Multi-chain support

Supports most major EVM chains and Solana. Create on Ethereum, Optimism, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Polygon + more (BNB coming soon)


Add extra utilities

Use our JS library to create NFT paywalls, and secure access to images, videos or files. Or even your entire platform.


Staking + ERC20

Coming soon!


One-click deployment

No fuss or confusion, click a single button and be live on the testnet or mainnet

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