The home of your contract

The contract dashboard contains all the information and the settings you will need to manage your smart contract.

Command Center

The command center appears on every page in the dashboard and is the overall control system for the status of your drop.

Etherscan Link Click to view your contract on Etherscan Chain and supply The current blockchain you are using and the supply of your collection Redeploy button Head back to the contract deployer if you've made changes that require re-deploying

Mint status button Start and stop minting from your contract using this button. The mint can be paused at any time after your contract has been deployed

Mainnet deploy Click this when you are ready to deploy your contract to the mainnet.

Once you deploy on the mainnet, many details of your contract cannot be changed such as the artwork and metadata. However, you can still change basic settings such as pricing and schedule, and stop and start the mint at any time.

Network Switcher

The network switcher is located below the cover image for your collection in the top left of the dashboard.

Here you can control the currently active network for the smart contract. When your project is launched on the mainnet you can use this switch to jump back and forth between testnet and mainnet.

Mint Analytics

This section contains information about the current status of the mint, along with current pricing and earnings.

Mint status The current status of the mint. This can be changed in the command centre with the mint status button. Before the public sale, your contract will be in the pre-sale stage, and will automatically update to the public mint once the schedule comes around.

Pricing The current price of minting one of your NFTs. If you have set your mint to have different pricing schemes for the presale and public stages, the amount will automatically updated during the public sale. Clicking the gear icon will take you to the settings area.

Contract balance The total proceeds currently held on the contract from mints. Clicking the gear icon will take you to the withdraw area

Allowlist Contains the number of wallets currently on the allowlist. To manage the list, head into the allowlist area

Mint Progress

The section contains information about the sale and supply status of your mint.

Mint progress bar Shows the amount of tokens sold and the various stages of your mint. The bar fills depending on the amount of tokens that have been minted

Club reservation area Get started with an NFT-Inator club. Learn more about clubs

Mint number The total amount of tokens that have been minted

Primary sales volume The total proceeds from all successfully completed mints in the public sale

Payment Methods

Contains a list of the currently accepted payment methods. Currently accepted methods:

  • Cryptocurrency - the coin of the chain your contract is deployed on

  • Card payments - provided by Winter, one of our partners

  • ERC-20 Tokens - Coming very soon

Set up card payments

NFT-Inator uses winter to accept card payments. When setting up your payment methods you will need to head to this area on the dashboard and click the setup arrow at the top right of the card payments card.

  • Follow the instructions provided, you will be taken to winter

  • You will need to verify your identity to accept card payments

Feature Status

Contains a list of cards that show the current status of your project and contract.

Enforce Allowlist Toggles whether to use the allowlist or not. When enabled, only wallets listed on your allowlist will be able to mint.

Allowlist drop time The date and time that your allowlist starts.

Public drop time The date and time that your public mint starts.

Delayed reveal Setting to control when the artwork is revealed from your collection. You can click the reveal button when you want to reveal it.

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