Smart contract deployer

Launch your own smart contract with NFT-Inator for a fast and seamless experience. Create and deploy a fully customizable zero-code smart contract on Ethereum and all major EVM and L2's.

We're partnered with some powerful companies in the industry to ensure the highest level of security, up-to-date best practices, and infrastructure that can support your smart contract until the end of time:

  • MintPlex

    • Our smart contract provider. Mintplex powers thousands of smart contracts with the best security in the industry, and we've got a custom version of their legendary contract.

  • Winter

    • Winter enables us to offer your customers the opportunity to purchase your NFTs with their credit or debit cards, directly on your site or club.

  • MintParty

    • Provides an allowlist management system within NFT-Inator for easier management and better control.

Why NFT-Inator

Mint button Take your community public with an embed button that works on all no-code website builders.

One-click deployment No fuss or confusion, click a single button and be live

Tailored smart contract Create a gas efficient and purpose built ERC-721A contract for your project in 5 minutes.

Dashboard analytics Get detailed metrics about who mints and owns your collection and recommendations on how to scale better.

Own everything From IPFS to mint button, your project is totally decentralized.

Mint Pages Create a gas efficient and purpose built ERC-721A contract for your project in 5 minutes.

Let's get started

Before starting, make sure you have:

  • A valid project

  • Exported artwork and metadata to IPFS

  • Have at least one bundle on the export step

If you have followed this guide all the way through, you should have completed these items.

Click the contract step in the header bar to move on to smart contract deployment.

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