Upload Traits

Now that our initial project setup is complete, the next step is to upload your artwork.

File Structure

Before uploading, ensure your files are structured as in the image below. You should have:

  • A root folder with the name of your collection

  • Each trait category (attribute) as its own folder inside

  • Artwork files for that trait category in the corresponding folder

Once your folder is organised, select a folder to upload from your filesystem. Then click Upload files.

Confirm that your layers are correct before you choose to upload. Then click Upload files. If they are incorrect, you can select a different folder.

During the design process, you can add, remove, and update trait names and their corresponding files. You can also add new traits as you go.

Once your trait files have been uploaded you will be taken to the prototype UI. This is the first step to creating your collection where you can handle the design and creation of custom tokens.

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