Filtering & editing tokens

So you've added all the required rules, edited the rarities and traits accordingly and generated the full collection out - but there's still some tokens you wish to change.

Don't fear! NFT-Inator offers a filtering and editing system that allows you to find tokens by trait and edit their traits and setting individually, meaning you do some fine tuning right at the end.


To filter tokens by their traits, click filter in the menu sidebar and choose the trait you would like to see tokens with. You can also click multiple traits to find tokens with those exact combinations.

Editing individual tokens

Once you have found a token that you would like to edit, click it in the token list area. Then token will be highlighted and you will be taken to the trait editing panel in the menu sidebar.

Here you can select a different trait from the dropdown list to appear on that token.

When changing individual tokens, make sure not to re-generate the token set, otherwise your custom edited tokens will be changed

Moving on!

At this stage you should have generated your collection, and (hopefully) be happy with the results! Once you're completely satisfied with your project, we can move on to exporting it!

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