Rarity views

When setting up your rarity for each token using rarity pools, the generator will attempt to make it as close as possible to the supply it has estimated for that trait.

As the generator takes into account rules and supplies of the other traits, it will calculate the remaining items on the fly and attempt to fulfil the estimated supply for that token, taking into account the rarity of all other traits, and the rules that have been set.

Due to these settings, the supply count for individual traits can fluctuate by a margin of 2-4%, and you may wish to know the rarity of individual traits of their attribute category. NFT-Inator provides two areas for checking these stats in the menu sidebar:

  • Live Rarity, and

  • Ranked by rarity

Live Rarity

The live rarity section shows a live view of the rarity of each individual trait in the collection. It shows both the percentage appearance in the collection and the exact number of occurrences of that trait.


I would like to set the three beam types to appear only 15 times each throughout the collection. I've done this by selecting a fixed supply and entering 15 for each.

We will now head back to the token sets panel and re-generate the collection. Once generated we will check out the Live rarity panel.

Here are the results

As you can see, the dark and gold beams got very close, with 14 appearances each. However, the green laser came out low with only 8 pieces. In this case, we would check our rules settings, along with the rarity of the items included in those rules to ensure we get a close result to our expected. You can use the live rarity panel to get a quick peek into how or if your rules are working properly.

Ranked by rarity (PRO)

See a list of all tokens in the collection, ranked by their rarity in comparison to the remainder of the collection. You can use ranked by rarity to ensure that your custom tokens are appearing in the correct place and that tokens with rarer trait combinations are generally higher than those with more common traits.

Export to CSV

Export a list of all of your ranked tokens into a CSV file. These can be useful for sharing with your community immediately after launch so they can check the rarity of their tokens.

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