Generator UI

The menu sidebar contains options for the generation process of your collection. Each option contains various information and settings to adjust your tokens, giving full control over the entire generated collection.

Token Sets

A token set is a collection of tokens that can be adjusted, re-generated, and updated. Each token set is different and other items in this menu apply to the individual token set when making changes.

Traits - Settings and rarity

Adjust the rarity and supply for each trait category and individual trait.


Rules allow you to set specific scenarios that are or aren't allowed. For example, you may have a particular trait that doesn't work well with another, and would like to ensure that the two are never combined in the generator

Live Rarity

A list of every trait in the collection with the rarity and appearance frequency in the collection.

Ranked by Rarity

Contains a list of all tokens in the project, ranked by their actual rarity in the final collection (depending on the token set.


Filter the generated tokens based on traits or a combination of traits, and make adjustments

Edit Token

Each token can be edited individually. Select a token and change any trait manually

Token List

From top to bottom:

Page and token jump

Use the input boxes in the top right to jump to a specific page or token.

Generated tokens

A list of all of your generated tokens. The list includes every token in the collection, including saved tokens from the prototype step.


Navigate between pages of your tokens. We recommend filtering your tokens by trait to make adjustments faster.

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