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Prototype UI

It's prototype time baby!
The designer is split into multiple sections that make it easy to control various parts of the NFT creation process:
From the top left to bottom right

Header bar

Click the logo to head back to the project selection page
Settings (gear icon)
Make changes to your overall project settings
Steps selector
The steps selector controls which stage of the NFT creation process you are at. At any point, you can navigate through the various stages, allowing you to quickly change from generating a collection to adding more custom tokens.

Top toolbar

Designer toolbar
Located above the central canvas and below the project steps, the designer toolbar contains controls for creating, updating and deleting your tokens Options from left to right: Name - enter a custom name for your token New - creates a new blank token Save/Delete - adds or removes the token to the generator| Clone - copy all traits from one piece and create a new token with them Shuffle - randomly shuffle traits and apply them to selected categories Download - downloads the selected token

Leftmost Sidebar

Attribute menu
Contains your trait categories (attributes), showing the order of your layers in the designer. You can drag and drop these into the desired order to stack the layers accordingly.
Add Trait
Click the Add Trait button to add another category (attribute) to your project. This will effectively be a top-level folder containing your artwork files for that trait.
Trait selector
The trait sidebar contains a list of each of your traits split out into the artworks contained in each category. Here, traits can be selected to add them to the active token.

Center Canvas

Output Settings
Adjustments for the output size (in pixels) and controls for the quality and output format of your finished images.
Active Token
The middle section displays the artwork you are currently designing. This image is formed from stacking the artwork traits you have selected in the left sidebar. You can adjust the output size, quality, and format by clicking the arrows and selecting an option.
Selected traits
Contains all of the traits that are active on the current token. You can remove a trait by clicking the trash icon next to that trait's name.
Saved Tokens
Shows a preview of each of your saved tokens. You can switch between designs and edit them by selecting the tokens.
On the right of the section title, there are buttons for exporting individual tokens and metadata or creating a custom preview with your tokens.