Getting Started

Let's create some NFTs, then party after.

Why NFT-inator

Introducing NFT-Inator, the ultimate NFT launch toolkit. Use the platform to easily prototype, design, generate, and launch your very own NFT collections with some clicks and zero code. Launch one of your own customisable smart contracts, and add additional utility after launch. With built-in IPFS uploads and a seamless contract experience, you can create truly unique and functional collections, exactly the way you'd want.

We know how important it is to move fast in this space. With our warp-speed generation and advanced rules, your NFTs will be on the market quickly, and you won't have to break the bank to launch your dream collection. Unleash the power of your NFTs on the world!

NFT-inator was one of the first artwork generators on the market, and since its inception has powered thousands of collections from artists all over the world, and raised millions of dollars in mint proceeds.


Before starting your collection with NFT-inator, please prepare the following

  • Your completed artwork is split into layers, in folders for your trait categories (see file structure below)

  • Decided on the blockchain to launch on

  • Have an idea of your supply, collection name, and description

File Structure

Ensure your files are structured in the same way as the image below. You should have a root folder with the name of your collection, with each trait category as its own folder inside, with your artwork for that trait category in the corresponding folder.

Now that you're all set up, let's get started!

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