Mint Button

Add a button to your website

What is a mint button

You have a deployed smart contract but are probably wondering how your customers can mint your NFTs now. You will need a website, and there are code and no-code options available.

There are a few common routes that founders usually take:

  • Provide a developer with the smart contract and they can build a custom minting area and website

  • Launch an NFT-Inator club (coming soon)

  • Embed a mint button from NFT-Inator on your zero or low-code website

Embed a mint button

The NFT-Inator mint button is a customisable button that can be embedded on your own website, without having to handle the code involved in the minting process. You can customise the mint button based on the current state that your launch is at.

Mint button stages

There are three mint stages that are configurable from the dashboard

  • Closed - tokens can't be minted and transactions are unavailable

  • Open - tokens can be minted and the drop operates as usual

  • Sold Out - all tokens have been minted in the supply of the contract

Customize the button

Before embedding the mint button, there are various options that you can change to match the button colour to the branding on your site.

Button radius - corner curvature of the button Quantity - provides an option to mint multiple tokens at once Counter - Shows or hides the total minted count Redirect - Provide a URL to redirect to once the mint is complete For each mint stage, you can change the colours of both the text and background by choosing with the colour pickers or entering a new hex value. We recommend matching the colours of your website with the mint button to maintain brand consistency.

Embed the button

As you edit the button, the embed code on the right will update automatically. Once you've finished making changes, click Copy embed code to take the embed code to your site.

Most common WYSIWIG editors (WordPress, webflow, etc) will have a widget to add HTML code. Insert this widget in the location you would like the button, then paste the copied code. Voila!

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