Control who's allowed to mint

Managing the allowlist

Allowlisting prevents unwanted parties from minting tokens from your contract, as only wallets on the allowlist will be able to mint your NFTs. Allowlists are separate from the sale stage of your drop and apply at all times until it is turned off. It's common practice for the allow list to be turned off once the drop reaches the public sale, but you can also keep this on.

Adding or updating wallets

Click the Edit list button to open up the allowlist management panel

Add your wallet addresses to add them to the allowlist. Make sure they are one per line, and ensure that there are no duplicates in the list.

When you are finished editing, click save.

Manage in MintParty

MintParty provides the whitelisting system, and their platform has many great features and tools that can be used when you set up an allowlist with NFT-Inator. MintParty is great for finding other like-minded founders, launching giveaways and collecting crucial information from your audience.

Click the MintParty link to manage your account there.

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