Payouts & royalties

Next, let's add your payout information up so that proceeds from the mint are sent to your wallet. NFT-inator takes a 2% commission for the smart contract services and deployment.

Enter your wallet address and the percentage to receive into the payouts table. You can enter multiple wallets if you have multiple parties benefitting from the contract (i.e artist, team members)

About Royalties

After a token is minted in the pre-sale or public sale, it will automatically be made available on most popular marketplaces, including OpenSea. Token holders are then able to resell the tokens they minted from you. As the owner of the smart contract and artist behind the collection, you can optionally specify a royalty percentage that should be paid to a wallet of your choosing.

If you do not choose to enforce royalties, users can choose to opt-out of paying them when purchasing your NFTs, but that does not always mean they will.

Some marketplaces will automatically enforce the royalty percentage you've set, but others may not. OpenSea specifically enforces royalties, but with the caveat that you can no longer list on other marketplaces (details below).

Creator Royalties

Percentage If you would like to take royalties, switch the toggle to turn them on. Then enter the percentage you choose to receive as the creator.

Enforce Royalties OpenSea is enforcing on-chain royalties with their Operator Filter Registry. If you do not opt-in, OpenSea will still list your collection, but they will not honour your royalties settings.

You can opt into this feature by toggling on Enforce Royalties at this stage. This will use OpenSea's Operator Filter Registry to ensure that your tokens are only traded on marketplaces that enforce creator royalties.


You can choose to split the mint proceeds between multiple wallet addresses. When withdrawing your earnings from the contract later, the amounts will automatically be sent to the corresponding wallet addresses.

Click Add for each wallet address that you wish to be included on the contract as a payee. Enter the percentage for each wallet and you're good to go!

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