First, let's configure the sale settings. In this step, you will update:

  • Mint price - Public & Pre-sale

  • Mint schedule - Public & Presale

  • Transaction & wallet limits

Sale Phases

There are currently offers two sale phases that you can configure - pre-sale and public sale.

These settings can be changed and updated after you have deployed, so don't worry too much at this stage if you aren't 100% sure about all of these.


Founders can offer a pre-sale to their buyers to enable extremely keen members of the community to mint at a lower price, or earlier than the public sale. Turn the toggle on if you wish to have a pre-sale in your launch. If you don't need a pre-sale, you can keep the toggle turned off.

You can create a pre-sale with or without using an allowlist, but we recommend that you use one anyway to avoid bots minting out your collection, and stopping your community from minting fairly.

For more information on allowlists, please check out the features section.

Public sale

This is the main sale phase of your collection launch. Here, the general public and anyone that's not on the allowlist will be able to mint your NFTs. The remainder of your collections supply will be offered at the public mint.

Price & Fees

Enter your chosen price for both the pre-sale and public mint. You can see the prices reflected in the earnings calculator on the right side, and you will be able to see the total you will earn from both the presale and public sale phases.

Drop Schedule

Let's configure the drop schedule with your launch dates. Enter the date and time that you want to open up your collection for public sale.

Pre-sale and public sales are for pricing only and are not tied to any other feature limits or restrictions. If you wish to set up your schedule for the pre-sale, it is connected to the allowlist feature that is configured in the following sections (allowlist link)

Mint Limits

Next, we set up the transaction and wallet limits for each individual that would like to mint your collection. These settings are to ensure that everyone has a fair minting experience and that your launch doesn't get overrun by bots.

Transaction limit The maximum amount of tokens that can be minted in a single transaction. If these are set too low, the user may have to spend gas multiple times to purchase multiple NFTs. Wallet limit The maximum amount of tokens that can be minted per wallet

Limit mints per unique wallet A setting for pre-sale that controls how many NFTs can be minted by each listed wallet. For example, we may only want members of the allowlist to mint 1 token from the pre-sale, and if they want to purchase more they must get them in the public sale.

Make changes later

If you haven't set a drop date yet or would like to make any changes before your launch, you can access all of these settings in the dashboard after your contract has been deployed to the testnet.

Next, let's set up the artist payouts and royalties. Click Save & Continue

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