Deploy to testnet

Now for the most anticipated moment in your journey...Deploying your contract!

Deploying to a Testnet

A testnet is a place where you can safely test your smart contract, without worrying about spending real Ether and without worrying about your settings being perfect. It's an environment that resembles the real launch that will take place on the Ethereum mainnet.

Goerli is the currently used Testnet by NFT-Inator

The testnet is still a blockchain and therefore you will need some fake Ether to make transactions on it. You can use a faucet to get some test Ether for free:

Deploy it

Once you're all dandy with your contract settings from the previous steps, you're ready to deploy your contract to the blockchain. At this stage, it may take several minutes to compile the custom-generated Solidity code for your contract.

Once it's finished, you'll be greeted by a big red button to deploy. (It's still the testnet, don't worry)

Guess what you need to do? That's right...hit it.

You will receive a confirmation from your connected wallet to approve the transaction. You will need to pay for gas for this transaction to go through. (Gas will be taken from your test Ether balance). These last few steps will complete themselves, and you will be taken to the contract dashboard.

You should double-check that you're on the Goerli testnet, otherwise, you will experience issues launching your smart contract.

Deploying to ETH Mainnet

After you deploy to Testnet, you will be taken to the contract dashboard. Here you will be able to manage all of your contract settings and make any necessary changes.

Once you feel confident with your testnet contract, the process to deploy to Mainnet is similar and will take place in the contract dashboard. You will also need some Ether to deploy to the mainnet.

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