Token Sets

Token Set

A token set is a collection of tokens that will make up your generated collection. They exist as token sets to enable saving different collections of tokens without overwriting previous ones. This is extra handy if you wanted to apply different rules or traits to different token sets. For example, we could create a token set for mutant traits in the collection, and another set for the normal artwork. Then you can make adjustments on the fly without losing progress in either section.

Creating a token set

Create a token set to export collections of tokens, or configure the one provided initially with your project's stats. Most collections will only need one token set.

Changes that you make on all panels on the generation step are tied to the token set that is currently being edited. Once you have made all the required changes to your tokens, you can click Generate again to regenerate the full run of tokens.

Re-generating your collection is like saving your progress, if you don't hit regenerate after your changes will not be reflected in your token list

Creating an additional token set

You can use token sets to create custom stages and sections of your NFT collection. Such as having the first half of the collection use one rule, and the rest another.

When generating full collections from multiple token sets, you can combine them together by changing the First ID field to the number of the next token in the collection. Example:

Token Set 1: First ID(1) - 50 tokens Token Set 2: First ID(51)

You could also use token sets to test out different rules and combinations for your project. Once you hit the export step, you will be able to export your token sets to IPFS, or to a file for external use.


New set Creates a new token set to be customized

Name Change the token set name

Supply Controls how many tokens are in the set

Include saved Includes custom tokens from the prototype step in the collection generation. These will be randomly distributed amongst the entire token list.

First ID The starting ID of your token set (for example: you could export token 1-50 now, then create another token set from ID 50 to create various stages of your drop with different traits.

Generate again Regenerates the current token set with the settings from each of the generator sections Token set selector

Set selector Select which token set is currently active

When making changes to any of the generator sections, the generator will not automatically regenerate the token set. Please ensure that after making changes, you head back to the token set section and click regenerate.

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