Verify NFT ownership with one line of Javascript

Verify allows you to verify whether users own an NFT with one line of Javascript. It automatically handles connecting their wallet, signing a nonce and checking for ownership of NFTs under a specified contract.

pageBrowser SDK

You can also add unlockable content, which can only be accessed if they own a valid NFT. Unlockable content supports videos, images, digital downloads, and even allows you to build completely custom integrations with Webhooks.


It works seamlessly across Ethereum, Polygon and Solana, with more chains under active development. You can use the results returned directly on the frontend, and/or validate the signature on the backend to grant access to gated content.

Getting started

Verify is free for most projects, and can be integrated in minutes. First, you need to register an app on the Diamond Network dashboard. For more information, check out the Authentication guide:


Once you've got an API key, install the Browser SDK and start making requests!

pageBrowser SDK

Verify Limits

Free apps have a quota of 5,000 verification requests per month. If you're a Space Snek holder, you can request an increase which will give you an additional 5,000 requests per month.

Projects requiring more than 10,000 verifications per month should contact us to discuss a custom solution. We also offer increased limits for some open source, community or non-commercial projects.

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