Here we can set up extra features for the smart contract. Let's run through the options available.


An allowlist is a list of wallet addresses that are allowed to mint NFTs from your smart contract. By enabling an allowlist you can pre-approve selected wallets that are able to mint before everyone else. Your allowlist can be for both the public and presale mint and can be manually turned on and off when needed. For example:

A common use is to disable the allowlist after the pre-sale to enable anyone to mint in the public sale, but you can keep it on too!

You can add or update allowlisted wallets in the contract dashboard later!

Delayed Reveal

If you want to create a sense of anticipation/suspense for your token minters, you can turn on a Delayed Reveal. You can upload your placeholder image, and your metadata will be the placeholder image until you decide to reveal the artwork in the dashboard.

Toggle this feature on and upload a placeholder image to be shown in place of your artwork.

If your images are not appearing in marketplaces, make sure your holders hit "refresh metadata."

If you keep delayed reveal off, your tokens will be revealed to users as they are minted. Tokens that haven't yet been minted are hidden until they are minted.


Smart contracts created with NFT-Inator come with a 'powered by NFT-Inator' comment in the source code. Switch this toggle off if you would like to remove this comment from the code.

Header Mark

Add a bit of character to your smart contract with a header mark. This adds some branded text above your contract that is purely aesthetic, but a nice customized touch for someone that views the contract.

Create a custom ASCII header for your project here


Click save and continue to head to the final step....deployment!

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