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A club is your own space on NFT-Inator. You can think of a club as the main area your customers will visit when performing action on your contract such as minting and accessing utilities.

Instead of creating a complete website for your project, your club is a personalised URL that your customers and holders can visit to purchase your NFTs, access unlockable content, and a lot more in the future.


Personalised page & custom URL

Your club will be visible on the page nft-inator.io/yourclubname. Follow the instructions below to make sure your reserve your club.

Mint area

Your customers will be able to directly mint NFTs from your contract on this page. Saves creating a website, and everything is automatically configured.

Unlockable Content

Add and allow users to access unlockable content added to your NFTs. Users have an area to view all unlockable content and download these files.

For example, you may want to offer 4k artwork with your collection.

Announcements (Coming soon)

More info coming soon

ERC-20 (Coming soon)

More info coming soon

NFT Staking (Coming soon)

More info coming soon

Launchpad (Coming soon)

More info coming soon

Reserve your club

Clubs are going to be launched very soon! For now, you can reserve your unique URL slug to ensure that you can get your project name as a club.

There are currently two ways to reserve a club:

  • Click the panel in the contract dashboard

  • Click the club step in the header bar to jump straight to clubs

Enter the name of your desired club and hit the claim button

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